Friday, August 31, 2007

Novaja Gazeta and the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya

We won’t be beating about the bush. The reason why someone is trying to confuse the case is not a plot or something, this reason is corruption and total interpenetration of law enforcement system with the criminal.

-Ten people have been arrested on suspicion of the involvement in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. In relation to that the official statement was made that this crime has been solved.

This is not so

-Sergey Sokolov (Novaya Gazeta's deputy editor-in-chief)

Einar Granum's award to Sigmundstad

Eläkeläiset - Smells like Finnish Humppa

Thanks to Helsinki based Stupido Twins Record Shop

Kiitokset Humpasta (mp3)
Medley: Laki - HK - Enola - Laki (mp3)
Katolla Humppa (mp3)
Humppaan (mp3)
Musta Humppa (mp3)
Humppaneitsyt (mp3)

Bonus (mp3)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hilly Kristal, founder of NY punk mecca CBGB, dies

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hilly Kristal, the founder of New York punk rock club CBGB, which helped make the Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads stars, has died at age 75, his daughter said on Wednesday.

Kristal died on Tuesday from complications of lung cancer, his daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman, said.

He founded the club in 1973 hoping to showcase country music, calling it CBGB & OMFUG, for "Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gourmandizers."

But the club drew few country acts and instead became a breeding ground for punk rock, playing host to the likes of Patti Smith, Television, Living Colour as well as countless local hopefuls that never made it to the big time. read on

Hilly Sings Wish You a Merry Christmas (mp3) and Mud (mp3) from the 1976' CBGB's Christmas Single

Hilly's last interview here. The Video from the closing of CBGB's (New York Times)

What karma can buy you in the hereafter...

George W Bush, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mugabe in the afterlife:


Castillianis Horribilis part 2 - Baladas en ingles cantadas en español

Devotees of the lingual challenged will probably remember the Spanish Queen Tribute (link to older post) It is with glee I provide this following link, that I per chance tripped over today. It is if possible even more terrifying and boggling than the Queen rendition. Take a look at these neighbour annihilators:

01 - La Sombra Del Amor (Indio)
02 - La Dama De Rojo (Crhis The Barge)
03 - Polvo En El Viento (Kansas)
04 - Heridas De Amor (Indio)
05 - Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti (Glen Madeiros)
06 - Un Dia Sin Ti (Roxette)
07 - Eclipse Total Del Amor (Bonny Tyler)
08 - Siempre Te Amare (Whitney Houston)
09 - Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado (Bon Jovi)
10 - No Se Si Es Amor (Roxette)
11 - Vientos De Cambio (Scorpions)
12 - Yesterday (Boys II Men)
13 - Sin Ti (Air Supply)
14 - Todo Lo Que Hago Lo Hago Por Ti (Bryan Adams)
15 - Habla El Corazon (Roxette)
16 - Hey Tu (Chayanne)
17 - Mi Corazon Continuara (Sonia Silvestre)
18 - Devotamente Tuya (Angelica Vale)

Whoha! Just like an olive in single malt whisky - simply strange. Thanks to the stigma rest room. Original post with d/l here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lousy Is the Best They Can Ever Be

The Really Terrible Orchestra, a group of amateur musicians conducted by Richard Neville-Towle, standing, left, includes the best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith, right, who plays the bassoon. Read on (NY Times)

More Offshore Radio

As You probably have guessed, I'm a fan of vintage "pirate" radio - see my previous entry here. And skimming through som aggregators i stumbled upon these two gems.
The Radio Caroline Story (link to original post)
Offshore Radio Jingles (link to original post)
Thanks to Grumpy Boss' Corner +

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The two best shorts from "Paris je T'aime"

The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell

Oh no - it's clazy half naked man onstage

Optiganally Yours - Spanish Flea - Live in Tokyo
Now, download that great Spanish Flea tune by OY (mp3) - or download the TERRIBLE version by Harry Arms (mp3)

The Shaggs, an "Outsider Music" classic

The Shaggs were an American all-female rock and roll group from Fremont, New Hampshire. Their first album, Philosophy of the World was released in 1969. The Shaggs have often been considered the worst rock and roll band in the world (or the "Most Horrible" by the New York Times), and this designation has made the band's first and most famous album a collector's item in its original vinyl pressing. Read on .
Thanks to 10:1 you can get the mp3's here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reinhold Heil's wild synth solo

Heil was once a member of Spliff (former Nina Hagen Band) playing synthesizers. Now, making soundtracks to films such as Land of the Dead, Perfume, Paris j'taime, Run Lola Run etc...
On the second Nina Hagen (Unbehagen) album he did an amazing solo that stands out as probably the best synth solo over a rock groove.
The song Wir Leben Immer Noch, was originally a cover of Lene Lovich' Lucky Number.
Listen to Wir Leben Immer Noch (mp3)

After Nina Hagen quit the band in search of UFO's, Spliff cut some more records on their own. Here's Computers Sind Doof (mp3) from 85 555. See also my previous post on The Spliff Radio Show.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The World's Greatest Audio Search Site - Really?

SkreemR is a search engine; none of the songs on SkreemR are hosted by them. SkreemR crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information about audio that you are interested in.

So, it has never been easier to do that "best of" album - compiled by you - for free. Try SkreemR on these - I found 10 out of 15! not bad. Taken from Drum! Magazine.

Best Solo of All Time

Artist: John Coltrane
Album: Love Supreme (1964)
Song: A Love Supreme, Pt 3: Pursuance (full version
Drummer: Elvin Jones

Most Melodic Drum Solo
Artist: Dave Brubeck Quartet
Album: Time Out (1955)
Song: Take Five (full verson)
Drummer: Joe Morello

Most Technically Dazzling Drum Solo

Artist: Billy Cobham
Album: Spectrum (1973)
Song: Stratus (another track from spectrum)
Drummer: Billy Cobham

Most Out-of-Control Solo

Artist: The Who

Album: The Who Sings My Generation (1965)
Song: My Generation (full verson)
Drummer: Keith Moon

Best Solo Over A
Artist: Steely Dan
Album: Aja (1977)
Song: Aja (full version)
Drummer: Steve Gadd

Most Overrated Drum Solo

Artist: The Surfaris
Album: Wipe Out (1963)
Song: Wipe Out (only 30 sec)
Drummer: Ron Wilson

Most Complicated
Drum Solo
Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Make a Jazz Noise Here (1991)

Song: The Black Page (not found on skreemr)
Drummer: Terry Bozzio

Most Compositional Drum Solo
Artist: Rush
Album: Rush In Rio (2003)
Song: O Baterista (full version)
Drummer: Neil Peart

Most Indulgent Drum Solo

Artist: Motley Crue

Album: Dr. Feelgood (Tour)
Drummer: Tommy Lee (not found)

Fastest Drum Solo

Artist: Buddy Rich
Album: Big Swing Face (1967)
Song: Machine (not found)
Drummer: Buddy Rich

Best Rock Drum Solo

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin II (1969)
Song: Moby Dick (full version)
Drummer: John Bonham

Best Jazz Drum Solo

Artist: Buddy Rich
Album: Mercy, Mercy (1968)
Song: Channel One Suite (full version)
Drummer: Buddy Rich

Most Original Drum Solo
Artist: Jimi Hendrix Experience
Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)
Song: Voodoo Chile (full version)
Drummer: Mitch Mitchell

Solo That Didn't Stand The
Test of Time
Artist: Iron Butterfly
Album: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968)
Song: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (full version)
Drummer: Ron Bushy

Most Influential Drum Solo
Artist: Benny Goodman
Album: Sing, Sing, Sing (1935)
Song: Sing, Sing, Sing (full version hit nr. 3)
Drummer: Gene Krupa

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The History Of Offshore Radio 1958-1970

The very first record documentary on offshore radio subtitled with recordings from offshore commercial radio stations 1958 -1970 and the story told by Paul Harris, author of "When Pirates ruled the Waves". The record was produced in Holland, Germany and Britain for distribution to members of the International Broadcasters Society. The record was not originally intended for retail sale, but was later available by mail from Paul Harris's Oxford Street, London office.

Please visit Grumpy Boss' Corner for download link

Per-Arnez - a Swede with a mission

Per-Arnez mixes Rap and Swedish "Danseband" music. As Per-Arnez says it himself; Motherfuckers talk about the slow fox and never get to it, fuck the yappin, be true to it, do it!!!
His myspace page. His download page.

Dead wrong (Lotta Engberg vs Biggie)
Do it myself (Matz Bladhs vs Young Buck)
Hell 4 a huster (Fernandoz vs 2Pac)
In da club (Vikingarna vs 50 cent)
Married to marijuanna (Thorleifs vs Big L)
Muthafucka (Anders Engbergs vs Xzibit)
Puppet master (Inger Nordströms vs B-Real & Dr Dre)
The next episode (Lasse Stefanz vs Snoop Dog)
Throw it up (Thor-Görans vs The East Side Boyz)
Wanksta (Sakarina vs 50 cent)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Learn English with Anita Ekberg

The famous scene in the Trevi Fountain was shot in March, when nights were still cold. According to Federico Fellini (in an interview with Costanzo Costantini), Anita Ekberg stood in the cold water in her dress for hours without any trouble. Marcello Mastroianni had to wear a wetsuit beneath his clothes. Still freezing, he downed an entire bottle of vodka, so that he was completely drunk while shooting the scene.

Learn Italian with Fellini

-Can I come in?
-I'm closed.
-Can I come in, miss?
-What do you want?
-A cigarette.

-Can I help you?
-You couldn't manage.
-What do you mean? I can lift 80 kilos. I can even lift my father. What do you weigh?
-I don't know.
-I could lift you, too.
-Let's see you.
-I really can. Let's see.
-You silly boy, put me down, let me go! You're strong!
-I'll lift you again.
-Now that's enough. What're you doing? You'll let me fall! You mad thing! Put me down, that's enough! You'll let me drop, you crazy boy! You really are mad... What's happened to me? My head...
-See how many times I did it?
-Yes, my little darling... Come here... you really are nice. Drive me crazy, just a little.
-What should I do?
-Suck! Come on... You can have this one, too... Don't blow! Suck!
-Is this right?
-Yes, darling, yes! You have to suck, you idiot!
-I can't breathe!
-Let me alone. Get out, now, I've got to close up. What was it you wanted? A cigarette? I'll give you one. Now, beat it!
-I can't manage it.
-Come on, get out!
-Good night!

Bruno Zanin - Titta Biondi
Maria Antonietta Beluzzi - Tobacconist
Amarcord Wikipedia

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kelly Johnson, guitarist, singer and songwriter: 20 June 1958 - 15 July 2007, sadly missed

Girlschool, the first British all-female rock band of note, were part of the new wave of heavy metal in the late 1970s that spawned Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Saxon. The group formed in 1978 when Kelly Johnson, singer and lead guitarist, and the drummer Denise Dufort joined forces with Kim McAuliffe (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Di "Enid" Williams (bass, vocals). With their tight playing and no-nonsense attitude, Girlschool developed a strong following in the UK and Europe. Rest of the Independent™ obituary here.
Girlschool (mp3) A link to the Album Hit & Run here.

On hearing Kelly's lead guitar on "Race with the Devil" rock guitarist Jeff Beck was quoted as saying he "couldn't believe it was a girl playing", a remark described by the DJ John Peel as the most sexist comment he had ever heard.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

photoshop of horrors

Santa SM

Anders och Måns

Or see Lady in Red in RealPlayer, or Mary, or Dockhus, or Bingo

Voices - The Dark Side Of The Moon A Capella (2006)

"Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella" is an all-vocal version of Pink Floyd's magnum opus "Dark Side of the Moon." No instruments were used in the recording of this unique version of the album. Eight singers and one "vocal percussionist" (similar to a beatboxer) recreate the original work in its entirety.

Well, that's silly enough for me...

Thanks to Progshine, you can get it here. (Alas 1 big mp3 in 128kbps...)