Thursday, August 30, 2007

Castillianis Horribilis part 2 - Baladas en ingles cantadas en español

Devotees of the lingual challenged will probably remember the Spanish Queen Tribute (link to older post) It is with glee I provide this following link, that I per chance tripped over today. It is if possible even more terrifying and boggling than the Queen rendition. Take a look at these neighbour annihilators:

01 - La Sombra Del Amor (Indio)
02 - La Dama De Rojo (Crhis The Barge)
03 - Polvo En El Viento (Kansas)
04 - Heridas De Amor (Indio)
05 - Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti (Glen Madeiros)
06 - Un Dia Sin Ti (Roxette)
07 - Eclipse Total Del Amor (Bonny Tyler)
08 - Siempre Te Amare (Whitney Houston)
09 - Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado (Bon Jovi)
10 - No Se Si Es Amor (Roxette)
11 - Vientos De Cambio (Scorpions)
12 - Yesterday (Boys II Men)
13 - Sin Ti (Air Supply)
14 - Todo Lo Que Hago Lo Hago Por Ti (Bryan Adams)
15 - Habla El Corazon (Roxette)
16 - Hey Tu (Chayanne)
17 - Mi Corazon Continuara (Sonia Silvestre)
18 - Devotamente Tuya (Angelica Vale)

Whoha! Just like an olive in single malt whisky - simply strange. Thanks to the stigma rest room. Original post with d/l here.

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