Sunday, August 05, 2007

Learn Italian with Fellini

-Can I come in?
-I'm closed.
-Can I come in, miss?
-What do you want?
-A cigarette.

-Can I help you?
-You couldn't manage.
-What do you mean? I can lift 80 kilos. I can even lift my father. What do you weigh?
-I don't know.
-I could lift you, too.
-Let's see you.
-I really can. Let's see.
-You silly boy, put me down, let me go! You're strong!
-I'll lift you again.
-Now that's enough. What're you doing? You'll let me fall! You mad thing! Put me down, that's enough! You'll let me drop, you crazy boy! You really are mad... What's happened to me? My head...
-See how many times I did it?
-Yes, my little darling... Come here... you really are nice. Drive me crazy, just a little.
-What should I do?
-Suck! Come on... You can have this one, too... Don't blow! Suck!
-Is this right?
-Yes, darling, yes! You have to suck, you idiot!
-I can't breathe!
-Let me alone. Get out, now, I've got to close up. What was it you wanted? A cigarette? I'll give you one. Now, beat it!
-I can't manage it.
-Come on, get out!
-Good night!

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