Friday, June 30, 2006

Olga Marie Mikalsen - Olga Synger Solo

Outsider Music. Olga passed away in january 2006 at the age of 91. She was best known as a "lyrical alto", a "outsider musician" and a fan of Bartok. She made her debut at the age of 53 in 1968, and performed at Carnegie Hall. She cut an album sometime in the 70s - but due to bad distribution, it hardly sold at all... Which is a pity because she delivers the same vocal extravaganca as Florence Foster Jenkins, with the same gung-ho attitude as Elva Miller. The link is to a CD made by an advertising agency for a Norwegian soda - Solo, hence the name "Olga Synge Solo" [Olga Sings Solo], where she delivers as expected; highly lyrical... enjoy.

Rapidhare - no pw

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Came across loronix' site by accident - and have been there since... It has everything cool and swinging bossa you could imagine from the 50s - 60s and 70s. I am trying to give you some examples, but I advice you to go there yourself... What a great site - and the music is all "the hard to get" stuff.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If I Were a Rich Man - Emerald City - Tomorrow's People - Daydream Believer - Like Nobody Else - I Am the Walrus - In a Dream - Eleanor Rigby - I Can See for Miles - Blue Jay Way - Black Is Black

The Lord Sitar project was conceived,
produced, directed and arranged, by
John Hawkins for Zonophone/EMI in 1968. Audio-History (link)
Rote Gourmet Fraktion
Well, Rote Gormee Fraktion really exist! They're situated in Germany and do all sorts of catering - especially rock shows, such as Rammstein, Toten Hosen etc... (oh, and the logo to the left I did before I knew they existed...)
When hung-over, nobody gives a shit about principles! Right?
Mr. Stenseth gets infected with bird-flu while playing tag with Mrs. Henriksen

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Those pesky RAR files...

What is MacPAR deLuxe

MacPAR deLuxe is a utility program that runs on Mac OSX. It is useful to you if you upload and download binary files to and from Internet newsgroups.
It's main functions are:

  • Ensure error-free transport of the data by means of so called "par" and "par2" files;
  • Unpack data from a RAR archive (most of the files in newsgroups are compressed with rar);
  • Automatically start an external program (such as Stuffit Expander) to unpack downloaded files.

MacPAR deLuxe requires Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or better.


Girls In The Garage

From another excellent blog:
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

This very special volume of Girls In The Garage consists of some gems found in various junk and flea markets in Singapore. There must have been a big market in the '60s for cover bands. We suspect that these groups would have toured or had residencies in the big hotels of South-East Asia and had local hits of easternized versions of western songs. This package consists of some interesting, fun and hilarious lyrical content (incorrect gender references, a mix of English and Asian lyrics in the same song, bad translations) and some wild sounds (strange production, vocals that sound like they were processed through a wah-wah pedal). The cover art consists of full-color reproductions of the original, colorful and very interesting record sleeves! We guarantee that any fan of '60s music will be thoroughly entertained!

Raw Deal pt. II

Our dear friend Harry Hillbert, has informed me that the Rapidshare™ links to Raw
Deal has expired. So to please Harry and all the other fans, here are the mp3's (all of them) for your personal enjoyment wherever you are - out exploding frogs, chopping wood for the still-fire, floatin' down the river on a shithouse door, kissing your cousin or just sitting at the buss station cursing and spitting. ... You can also just click the jukebox and get swingin' right away!

It is time to get down to the good ol' nitty gritty!

The Real Deal - The Raw Deal!
01. act naturally 2:40
02. heartache by the numbers 2:40
03. shotgun boogie 2:36
04. my baby left me 3:11
05. what fool am I 2:32
06. holka polka 1:17
07. folsom prison 2:56
08. detour 2:16
09. if you got the money 2:47
10. the race is on 2:20
11. rambling man 5:04
12. lost highway 2:37
13. (aint) misbehaving 2:30
14. freight train 3:34
15. undecided 2:47
16. eat a feedback 0:19
17. where can she be 2:14
18. day of the dead 3:41
19. when I get out of here 3:02
20. let’s get funky 1:05
21. carseat 4:01
22. millers cave 2:36
23. make them stop now 2:42
24. blue moon of kentucky 2:26
25. roll in my sweet baby's arms 2:59
26. Rocky Top Tennessee 2:36
27. cash on the barrelhead 2:06
28. akin’ breakin’ heart 2:47
29. basswoman goes down 0:29
30. you done me wrong 2:05
31. little red wagon 1:31
32. driving my tractor 3:08

Bent, batty and 'bnoxious! (full album)

Elsebasto has among other things this great record on his blog. A great out-of-print 80’s compilation called Bent, batty and 'bnoxious! (zip no pw) This is one of the best compilations of psych/weird/rock/novelty you will find this year. Gems such as "Hippy In A Blunder" by Johnny Buckett, "My boyfriend's learning karate" by charlie & chan, and the really weird "Daddy frog" by Big daddy & the little sisters. It also has some strange movie trailers - somebody at Torture records really put their heart into this comp!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why must they make music?

Nickelback, Coldplay and Sum41. These bands produce the most eclectic, avant garde, subversive, angry, profound, honest, heartfelt and serene music on the planet. They have to... Because of their popularity - it MUST have something to do with SOME quality measures. Not because they are signed to record labels who play it safe. Not because market analysts tell them what cords to play or what opinions to have. Sponsorships, royalties, merchandising, hit-lists - well, it is all great stuff! Listen to 2 songs by Nickelback split up into each stereo channel (mp3). It takes skills to play two different songs THAT alike - real craftmanship! Or listen to this splice made up by a Coldplay and Sum41(mp3). These guys are on the path to something great; each other!

Ferrante & Teicher - Dynamic Twin Pianos

Ferrante & Teicher made the album "Dynamic Twin Pianos" in 1960. It fits well into genres created by people like André Popp, Michel Magne and Dean Elliot. Here you'll find backwards tape and other popular fx from the early 60s. Another great album from Podsville. Download full zip here. Tracks are 128 kbps, but well worth a listen!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Space Age & Exotica mp3's

Podsville is an oasis for easy listening music! All zipped with lp-covers, yay! Look at these: 12 Hits with Damiron - The Fantastic Sounds Of Eddie Baxter - Paradise Island The Paradise Island Trio - Hawaii Tattoo The Waikikis - Among The Stars Renee Raff - Authentic Calypso Lord Christo - The Many Moods Of Ethel Smith - and this is just page one... and the best thing; it is NOT on Rapidshare, just good 'ol straight from the url.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time stands still at the Brezhnevian era’s last monument Kafe Moskova,
situated in central Helsinki. Cold beer and freezing service.

Kafe Moskova serves 26 customers at a time and you may also reserve it for private use with this form.

Soviet National Anthem (mpeg from WFMU's blog)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Until recently Norway and Iran were the only countries to have clergymen as prime-ministers. You can here see Mr. Bondevik sitting slightly fauntleroyish with playmobil™ coiffure courtesy of "GM Salong". The Holy B did however unwillingly lend his his butchered voice to this ditty by Semiotisk Front™

Pic: Part of GM Salong's "Bed Piece".
Soccer - the drug of nations
But if classical music was equally popular... wouldn't the world be a better place?
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, with sports comments(mp3)
Average Christian vs Satanic Temptations (MP3)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Strix nebulosa lapponica, Thunberg, 1798 (Lappugle)
Photo: Baard Næss
Cap: Dimmu Borghild
The owls are not what they seem...
The Great Gray Owl was first described by Johann Reinhold Forster in 1772. The name "nebulosa" is derived from the Latin "Nebulosus", meaning misty or foggy. The Great Gray Owl has also been called Great Gray Ghost, Phantom of the north, Cinerous Owl, Spectral Owl, Lapland Owl, Spruce Owl, Bearded Owl and Sooty Owl.