Wednesday, April 30, 2008

America Kicks Ass!

America Kicks Ass by King Missile on Grooveshark

America totally kicks ass. Strongest nation on Earth. Nobody can kick our ass. Nobody can intimidate us, because we don't give a fuck. We are motherfucking hard like a gangsta with a nine by our side. Except there's no five-O gonna roll up and beat our ass down. And we're not really criminals, because there's no international law. No international law, because there's no international courts. And there are no international courts because we refuse to recognize any court that might ever try to stop us from doing whatever the fuck we want.

No trials, no courts, no laws for America. So we can do whatever the fuck we want. And we're not even criminals.

Doesn't that fucking kick ass?

What an excellent country!

And we've gotten rid of the hypocrisy too. We used to make bullshit excuses for whatever it is we wanted to do. We would tell the world it was 'cause of human rights, or because the country was a dictatorship, or attacked first – we don't do that anymore. We don't make bullshit excuses, because we understand now. We don't have to justify ourselves. We don't have to tell the rest of the world shit. We do whatever the fuck we want for one reason, and one reason only: because we can.

And all those other countries, they can suck our dick. They can bend over and take it up the ass, because the rest of the world is America's bitch. Half the world works for pennies a day to make us fat and rich. The deal is, maybe they get to eat, and we get cheap clothes, cheap oil, whatever we want, and if they don't like it they can suck on it, because the rest of the world is America's bitch.

Because we are the lone superpower. And all the other little countries and continents are mere mortals at best. They are like the homeless: we just step over them on the way to steppin' on somebody else. They aren't worth the time it takes to piss in their mouth. We don't care. We're America. We kick ass!

What are they gonna do? Arrest us? Ostracize us? Gang up on us? Let them fuckin' try; we are America and we will fuck them up! If they ever fuck with us, we will just shake it off and use it as an excuse to fuck them up some more. And the more they try to hurt us, the more medieval on their asses we will get. Because we can.

Because America is all-powerful. America kicks ass. And America doesn't have to answer to anybody. Unless, and until, God or the space aliens come to kick our ass.

Coffee at Madame Bongo's

Coffee Joik - A traditional Sami song, praising a hot cup of java
Madame Bongo at Cunovuoppe
mountains hut about 11 km from Kautokeino offers you Sami food served in a lavvu - a Sami tent.
Madame Bongo?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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For the paranoid surfer

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Spitzer vs Bush

Well politicians got lipstick on the collar
the whole media started to holler
but I don't give a fuck who they screwin' in private
I wanna know who they screwin' in public

robbin', cheatin', stealin'
white collar criminal

words: Michael Franti & Spearhead

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Eastbound and down

Jerry Reed - East Bound And Down

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Photo: New York Times -

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary is ready to nuke

“I want the Iranians to know, if I am president, we will attack Iran,” if they launch nukes against Israel, Clinton said. “I want them to understand that. … We would be able to totally obliterate them. That’s a terrible thing to say, but those people who run Iran need to understand that.” (more) «Click» the link - Yes, it is a terrible thing to say indeed, but is it necessary to express it?!

Strange, 'cause the Iranian nuclear program was ended in 2003 according to this (pdf) american intelligence report. It's like telling a guy in a wheelchair; If you kick my ass, I'll kill you.

Strange 'cause the only nuclear state in the middle east is... Israel - all thanks to Norway who supplied them with the means enabling them to make plutonium.

Even stranger is the fact that Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israel's nuclear weapons program in 1986, received an honorary doctorate in Norway in 2001. And Norway has refused to give him political asylum... On the other hand Norwegians are confused why terrorist Mullah Krekar is a legal refugee in Norway, while a peacefull whistleblower is denied.

Well that was a nice portion of digressions... now music;
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Bomb The World

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An Open Source Marriage of Audio, Music, and Radio

New Jersey freeform radio station WFMU has been a leader in non-commercial radio’s use of web technologies and social media. General Manager Ken Freedman joined us at the Berkman Center on May 9 2007 to discuss WFMU’s latest project, an open source audio library to be known as the Free Music Archive.

video (mov)

More on open source from MediaBerkman (Harvard)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman

The Tubes - Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking back on 8 years in the White House

The Bran Flakes - Speak To Me Through Your Shoes
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Commodores - Machine Gun

Commodores - Machine Gun
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Tico Tico with Ethel Smith

And an mp3 by Ethel - go to wfmu for 61 versions!
Have yourself a stunning Week-End ; )

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The use of swear words + a nice podacst

From The Guardian
(Science Weekly Nov 2007):

[Stephen Pinker] The Harvard psychology professor's written extensively about language before of course, and in his latest book - 'The Stuff of Thought' - he outlines how the words we use tell us about the way we think. One of the juicier areas of the book is his discussion on swear words, and that's what we talk about here. We have more of the conversation - where we get into areas such as where we discuss his theory of the language instinct; the science of malapropism; and the evolution of English - as this week's Science Extra (mp3).

Subscribe to the Science Weekly Podcast it is quite agreeable.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Family values

Marriage = Man + Woman
But then I got two mums instead!
4 tits are better than 2

Together in marriage (contra gay marriage campaign)

I can't help myself, I just love it when christian-conservatives try to convey their viewpoints - and the way they use images and copy in an effort to emulate traditional lifestyle advertising.
These 15 posters are made by this organistation who take upon themself to judge on behalf of Church, State and all deities who is worthy of wedlock.
Together In Marriage [holy matrimony, I guess]
Marriage = man + woman
Boys need a dad!
Yes to gender quota in marriage.
Children have a right to a mother and a father
Can dad just be substituted by a second mom?
I need my daddy!
Children have a right to know their parents, and be supported by them. -UN's childrens convention.
Gender-neutral marriages collide with ALL major religions!
Girls need a daddy!
Is it the governments responability to take the father away from the children?
Is daddy redundant? - A no to assisted pregnancy for 2 mothers!
We demand: -A public survey. -Government proposal. -Consequence analysis.
ALL is missing!
Biology, kids and the Bible, they all have the same answer!
Yes to marriage!
(please correct my English, no time to check)