Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spliff - Radio Show

After "backing" Nina Hagen on "Nina Hagen Band" and "Unbehagen" Spliff were fed up with Nina. She wanted to do "her own thing" and have more "artistic control" and the band split with the lady. The Spliff Radio Show was the first release after Nina left. It became obvious that "the Queen of PunkRock" owed much of her fame to the brilliant backing band. Spliff was never regarded as a true Krautrock band - I guess they had too much of a "pop" appeal, but the members all had background in various legendary KR-bands, such as Lokomotiv Kreutzberg.
Radio Show (1980), is hilarious - it is somewhat of a record industry spoof. Totally over-produced. Packed with kitsch sarcasm, SRS really tried to bite off the hand that fed them; CBS. Or at least it seemed so. It is difficult to describe the album, it has elements of pop-rock, synth-rock, disco, prog-rock and krautrock. All with tongue in cheek. Enjoy this gem! Part1 and part2. pass: mercury. Thanks to this place, for sharing this moment in history. (go there for even more spliff)

Lyrics Producers:

Turning all the knobs that move the music scene
Cleaning all the tapes erasing what's obscene

We are the engineers
we call ourselves producers
Making records doing sounds
we're really the inducers
Take control ot music's Soul
we twist and bend to fit the trend
Compressor's in and reverb's out
we change the mix without a doubt

WE ARE PRODUCERS . . . . etc.

We'll route the drums in 1 and 2
then we take an FRQ
DDL with ABC
THD sounds good to me
Cut the bass and keyboards out
leave guitar but not so loud
An echo here an echo there
harmonizing everywhere

WE ARE PRODUCERS . . . . etc.

First class technics in our hand
To get a hit is only luck
cause what we do's a filthy fire truck
We don't care about energy
the future will be warm
Overkill capacities
in our nuclear mixing board
mixing board
mixing board
Bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!


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