Friday, August 03, 2007

Kelly Johnson, guitarist, singer and songwriter: 20 June 1958 - 15 July 2007, sadly missed

Girlschool, the first British all-female rock band of note, were part of the new wave of heavy metal in the late 1970s that spawned Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Saxon. The group formed in 1978 when Kelly Johnson, singer and lead guitarist, and the drummer Denise Dufort joined forces with Kim McAuliffe (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Di "Enid" Williams (bass, vocals). With their tight playing and no-nonsense attitude, Girlschool developed a strong following in the UK and Europe. Rest of the Independent™ obituary here.
Girlschool (mp3) A link to the Album Hit & Run here.

On hearing Kelly's lead guitar on "Race with the Devil" rock guitarist Jeff Beck was quoted as saying he "couldn't believe it was a girl playing", a remark described by the DJ John Peel as the most sexist comment he had ever heard.

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