Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hilly Kristal, founder of NY punk mecca CBGB, dies

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hilly Kristal, the founder of New York punk rock club CBGB, which helped make the Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads stars, has died at age 75, his daughter said on Wednesday.

Kristal died on Tuesday from complications of lung cancer, his daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman, said.

He founded the club in 1973 hoping to showcase country music, calling it CBGB & OMFUG, for "Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gourmandizers."

But the club drew few country acts and instead became a breeding ground for punk rock, playing host to the likes of Patti Smith, Television, Living Colour as well as countless local hopefuls that never made it to the big time. read on

Hilly Sings Wish You a Merry Christmas (mp3) and Mud (mp3) from the 1976' CBGB's Christmas Single

Hilly's last interview here. The Video from the closing of CBGB's (New York Times)

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