Wednesday, March 26, 2008

...and he rose from the dead

...and talking about divinity (youtube link to that scene from Pink Flamingos)
Beatle Barkers - I Feel Fine

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The Man Without a Past OST

01- Do the shake - The Renegades.
02- Bandoneon - Antero Jakoila.
03- Lokki - Tapio Rautavaara.
04- That crawlin' baby blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson.
05- Symphony No.3 in A major Op.55 (Adagio) - Oulu Symphony Orchestra.
06- Paha vaanii - Marko Haavisto.
07- Hawaii no yoru - Crazy Ken Band.
08- Veto - Antero Jakoila.
09- Valkoiset linnut - Markus Allan.
10- Thunder And lightning - Marko Haavisto.
11- Muistatko monrepos'n - Poutahaukat.
12- My heart must do the crying - The Renegades.
13- Motto wasabi - Masao Onose.
14- Stay - Marko Haavisto.

Review. Get the Soundtrack here.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Men's Choir Shouters

Mieskuoro Huutajat (Men's Choir Shouters) is an internationally famous shouting choir from Oulu, Finland. They were established in 1987 and originally comprised 20 shouting men, since expanded to 30.

Led by conductor Petri Sirviö, the choir is best known for their loud renditions of Finnish patriotic songs, but have also performed foreign tunes such as The Star-Spangled Banner.

Want more, maybe some mp3's? Well go here. (link)

A Basement of Curiosities

The Basement awaits you!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

René Maltête

A gallery of 70 images by Maltête.
Thanks to PCL Linkdump and a best truth, for guiding us there!

Jerry Springer - The Opera (Original Cast Recording)

Wikipedia: Jerry Springer: The Opera is a British musical written by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas, based on the television show The Jerry Springer Show. The show is notable for its profanity, its irreverent treatment of Judeo-Christian themes, and surreal images such as a troupe of tap-dancing Ku Klux Klan members. The musical is completely sung throughout, with the exceptions of Jerry, who speaks, and a brief speech by Steve. (more)

Well, move you saggy a** over to the f***ing Singing Stage goddammit and get it, you nazi! It is a yummy yummy yummy place!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forbidden Broadway

A big hand for the fabulous The Singing Stage blog for these: Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit - Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening - Forbidden Broadway: 2001 A Spoof Odyssey - Do have a look at the blog, it is quite fantastic! Contains ALL your favourite showtunes and musicals.

The Singing Stage

Forbidden Broadway - Les Miserables Parodies

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Unprecedented disaster president

Eilert Pilarm - Jailhouse Rock

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict.

One week after President Bush rejected charges the war in Iraq has hurt the US economy, a new book puts a conservative estimate of the war’s cost at $3 trillion so far. In their first national broadcast interview upon their book’s publication, Nobel laureate and former chief World Bank economist, Joseph Stiglitz, and co-author Linda Bilmes of Harvard University say the Bush administration has repeatedly low-balled the cost of the war—and even kept a second set of records hidden from the American public. read on...
Get the book from Amazon.
A Steve Ball cartoon:

Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention - The Idiot Bastard Son

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Artist Morten Viskum

In Immortal Viskum has immortalised himself. A life-like latex Viskum dummy stands in the gallery. He looks serious and thoughtful. His gaze is firmly fixed on one wall on which the word IMMORTAL is written in blood. Viskum used the severed hand of a human corpse as his writing instrument. Now the hand lies heavy on the keys of an electric organ, calling forth a dissonant chord that resounds without end, accompanied by an imperturbable rhumba beat from the organ’s rhythm box. Read on.

April's top 10

April Winchell's top mp3's of all times:
  1. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (Liberace)
  2. Teen Spirit (Ragnar Bjarnason)
  3. What is this Thing Called Amway?
  4. Eminem vs. Ragtime (Uncensored)
  5. Pork Chops
  6. If (Telly Savalas)
  7. Mr. Ed (Ralf Paulsen)
  8. Thought for Today (Ceasar Romero)
  9. Eres Tu (Jimmy Mitchell)
  10. Quiero Estchar Tu Mano (Los Xochimilcas)

Photo of the year in Sweden

An ecological ethanol factory in Brazil - se all photos here
Various - Faith No More / We Care Alot

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

But the Polynesians were cooler...

King Missile - Jesus Was Way Cool
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Polynesians - Minoi Minoi
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