Friday, January 25, 2008

Another one bites the Swede

This is straight forward, and for the most part fast forward renditions of Abba - made by bands I've never heard about. But, fun enough I guess - would have reached a larger audience if it had been released in the early 80s... And you can find it here.

The Human Tuplolev

This video [download it as a 9 meg wmv file or as a 22 meg mpg file here] shows Russia's latest attempt to peek-a-boo Scandinavians. After a Norwegian F-16 with a modified drop tank sprayed a Tupolev TU95 in flight, the Russians have come up with a nasty piece of audiochemical warfare dropped from above. The skydivers include Alexander Beloglazoff, world-record holder for longest freefall involving an augmented seventh chord. The music is In-Grid's song Tu Es Foutu, as though you didn't already know that, you Cheesy Euro-Disco slut, you.
Thanks to the WFMU blog.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knickers & Bras

The Freelance Hairdresser - Blackpool Ladies Bras (Mr. Scruff vs Wisbe

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DJ Earlybird - John Lennon vs the Supremes 'Baby, Imagine Love!'

...and, if you liked that, and want to know more about cut-up, why not cut of your ear and lend it to People Like Us and Ergo Phizmiz's latest podcast Codpaste (link). When does it stop being completely isolated from the rest of the universe and step into the world of collage, adding another patch to the huge quilt of sounds that have gone before? People Like Us "start at the very beginning" and try to find out. Features sounds from Noah Creshevsky, DJ Earlybird, Brion Gysin and Kid Koala, amongst many others.

Guess who farted on his way out?

The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms

Begin The Beguine

Spanish Flea

Winchester Cathedral

Born Free

Whipped Cream

Up Up And Away

Sound of Music

Georgy Girl

Hooray For Hollywood
Thanks to Otis Fodder, WFMU, UBUweb

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friendly Persuation with Otis Fodder

When it comes to "The Cool" and "The Strange" Otis Fodder is a connoisseur extraordinaire. Having extensive knowledge of vast numbers of genres and the ability to mix'em'up to aural delights makes him somewhat of a genius! As a contributor to the now out-of-print "Cool & Strange Music Magazine" he proved time again his insight in numerous reviews of the musical fringe. The projects he's been involved in are too many to go into detail here, visit his website.

Listen to 30 episodes of the (now dead) Friendly Persuasion Radio show that appeared on Luxuria Music in 2005. All shows are one hour long, no talk, just the mix.

Otis Fodder produced 29 in the year and one (on August 2) was produced by the very talented Fortyone. Special guest IDs and theme songs were contributed by Bentley the Butler, Eddie
The Rat
, Flavia & The Motonets, Fortyone, Jima, Jean Jacques Perrey, The Lounge King, Naomi Hall, Mildred Pitt, R. Stevie Moore and Christy Shivers and The Sunsets.
The logo to the right was created by Fridge-Mag Concoctions.

Here they are. 192k Encode. Playlists can be found here.

Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-01.mp3 84.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-08.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-15.mp3 83.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-22.mp3 82.4M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-01.mp3 82.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-08.mp3 81.7M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-15.mp3 84.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-22.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-05.mp3 82.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-12.mp3 86.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-19.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-26.mp3 81.5M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-03.mp3 84.7M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-10.mp3 82.5M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-17.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-24.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-31.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-07.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-14.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-21.mp3 83.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-28.mp3 82.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-05.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-12.mp3 83.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-19.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-02.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-16.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-23.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-30.mp3 83.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-09-06.mp3 82.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-09-13.mp3 83.7M

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a complete fanatic

You have to watch this video. It shows Tom Cruise, with all the wide-eyed fervor that he brings to the promotion of a movie, making the argument for Scientology, the bizarre 20th-century religion. Making the argument is an understatement. The Hollywood actor, star of movies such as Mission Impossible, is a complete fanatic. "When you're a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you're the only one who can really help... We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace and unite cultures." There's much much more. Let me put it this way: if Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch was an 8 on the scale of scary, this is a 10.

This video's been passed around privately by reporters and writers investigating Cruise's ties with Scientology. Most reporters have been wary of taking on the Scientologists, because they have a history of both litigation, and the harassment of critics. The publication of Andrew Morton's biography of Tom Cruise, which claims he is the second most powerful person in the cult, has seems to have opened the floodgates.

Several indoctrination videos were available on Google Video, on Sunday, and showcased on Gawker, before being removed by the person who had originally posted them. Yesterday, for a few hours, the clip of Tom Cruise discussing his beliefs as a Scientologist appeared on Youtube, and was republished by Radar and Defamer. That video is no longer available, most likely after the Church of Scientology sent in a copyright infringement notice. Gawker is now hosting a copy of the video; it's newsworthy; and we will not be removing it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dimmu Borghild - Funk Up The RadiOrakel Jingle

Made By Dimmu Borghild for RadiOrakel Oslo
Dimmu Borghild - Funk Up The RadiOrakel Jingle

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