Thursday, August 09, 2007

Per-Arnez - a Swede with a mission

Per-Arnez mixes Rap and Swedish "Danseband" music. As Per-Arnez says it himself; Motherfuckers talk about the slow fox and never get to it, fuck the yappin, be true to it, do it!!!
His myspace page. His download page.

Dead wrong (Lotta Engberg vs Biggie)
Do it myself (Matz Bladhs vs Young Buck)
Hell 4 a huster (Fernandoz vs 2Pac)
In da club (Vikingarna vs 50 cent)
Married to marijuanna (Thorleifs vs Big L)
Muthafucka (Anders Engbergs vs Xzibit)
Puppet master (Inger Nordströms vs B-Real & Dr Dre)
The next episode (Lasse Stefanz vs Snoop Dog)
Throw it up (Thor-Görans vs The East Side Boyz)
Wanksta (Sakarina vs 50 cent)

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