Friday, December 15, 2006

Dirty Calypso

Junior Jennings & the Humble and the Meek - Sell the Pussy (MP3)
Lord Antics and the Lyons Band - Fork She Garden (MP3)
All taken from Bizarre Records (link)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday! Party hard!

fun stuff

LassegThe 22 year old Norwegian, Lasse Gjertsen (left) is having a huge success on the net with Amateur (YouTube) Some stunning drumming and video-editing there! Amateur (MP3) La Meg Være I Fred (MP3) Chaplin Snakker (MP3)Lucy

Michael Paulus has made an interesting character study of 22 present and past cartoon caracters to show what they're really made of.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Orcas and the Devil, marinated, grabbed by frying

Watch (or download) this (.avi) film from Lofoten, Norway. Orcas having a great time, while the Norwegians spout out cursewords in pure excitement! Enhancing, and adding to the general experience of the "whale-safari" a heartfelt linguistic tidbit!

Han e jo steike gal! - [He is frying mad]
Fy faen for et show - [phew Satan] what a show!
Dævven! - [Devil]
Dævven, salte, steike ta! - [Devil, marinated, grabbed by frying]
Å fy! - [oh phew]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest

Paul Stanley from Kiss.
80mb of stage ranting (megaupload) Working!
"let me telly something..."

A bit of Fry & Laurie Vox pop series 3

See all of the "vox pops" here (YouTube)

And from the southern coast of Norway (the bible belt), I give you this chilling story:

Mother arrested son (Aftenposten)

A frustrated mother decided to try and end her teenaged son's hash smoking by dragging him into the local police station on Wednesday.

The woman slapped down a nine-gram (0.3 oz) lump of hashish on the counter and told police that she had found it on her son, newspaper Agderposten reports. The 15-year-old admitted to daily hash smoking after being quizzed by police.

"This isn't something you see every day. But this was a sensible mother. What she did demands respect. Now this family can get help and a program that might be able to stop the 15-year-old's drug use," said Arne Arnesen of Agder police.

Local law enforcement officers were quick to help out the desperate woman, and after interviewing him child care authorities were notified.

"The interview will be sent to a police lawyer, who will assess what should happen with the boy in the future. Hopefully this will give him a jolt and he will quit," Arnesen said.



So people; if the police think the mother is so sensible, why then were child authorities notified?!

A lesson for life, I'm sure. The 15-year-old has learned this: Family-problems are community problems. They are not solved within the family, but is a responsability for the authorities. I hope this mother will equally respect what the son does when the time comes to to put her in a home, in care by others. While he sells off her flat to pay for his heroin dependance.

The stigma associated with cannabis by some, in this case a mother - will inflict greater damage than the drug itself.