Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nixonvisions and Nixonsounds

1. Andy Kim: Tricia Tell Your Daddy
2. Jay & The Americans: Tricia (Tell Your Daddy)
3. Gene Marshall: We Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick
4. Gene Marshall: We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro
5. Rod & The MSR Singers: Richard Nixon
6. Gene Marshall: Get Off That Phone, Martha
7. Barbara Foster: San Clemente's Not The Same
8. Gene Marshall: President Richard Nixon
9. Gene Marshall: The Great Richard Nixon
10. Gene Marshall: Richard Nixon In '76
11. Gene Marshall: God Bless Richard Nixon
12. Gene Marshall: Hail The Chief

Credits: Artwork: Kjartan Slettemark - Sounds: PhilxMilstein

about: NIXONVISIONS taken from here
Art description:
The starting point for the NIXONVISIONS was a collage made by Kjartan in 1971 with a Nixon poster and a hand, holding a coffee-cup taken from a Swedish advertisement. Later he began to make cut-ups using scissor and glue that resulted in the NIXONVISIONS (1972) series.

Three collages by Kjartan Slettermark were removed from the foreign affairs committee meeting room in the Oslo parliament building, in october 2004, by Members of Parliament saying they were shocking and unfitting.

"Following an evaluation, it was determined that the piece was unfitting and potentially shocking," Hans Brattestaa, the parliament's secretary general said.

They were felt to deliver "a political message that is not the most appropriate" Norway's parliament said.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjoern Jagland said “I don't think that the meeting room of the foreign affairs committee is the most appropriate place to exhibit this kind of expression”

Current status:
The works was moved to a spot were they were to be found less unfitting… :( What are they thinking? Are they afraid that the Bush administration will impose sanctions?

Opposed by: Norwegian parliament (Stortinget)

Reason: Political

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