Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dag Vag - Scenbuddism (1979)

Swedish "prog" doesn't have much in common with "progressive rock". Through the 70s many Swedish bands subscribed to the general political influences of the time, such as; feminism, leftism, vegeterianism and anarchism, but all'n'all with "messages". Some far left such as "Knutna Nävar" others with humor such as "Philemon Arthur & the Dung". Dag Vag was not really regarded as a "prog" band as such, even though their lyrics often focused on injustice. Maybe they were too anarchistic in their approach, also with lyrics focusing on drugs, and "reggae beats". A memorable song title from their first lp "Jag Blev Inte Hög" [I didn't get high], is a hilarious story about a guy who drops all sorts of narcotics, only to achieve drowsyness. Scenbuddism is another great record, and was one of my favourite lp's of the time. The excellent blog prog not frog (go there for dl-link in comments) has provided us with this fine piece of vinyl.

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