Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baby it's cold outside [the igloo]

This is one of the most interesting vocal arrangements around. Inuit vocal games. The expression Inuit vocal games designates central Canadian Arctic practices that are both ludic and musical. According to regions, these can be divided into several genres with different names. First known to white people as guttural songs or throat songs, or sometimes as breathed songs, they were later on designated more accurately as throat games by Beverley Diamond and Nicole Beaudry. But it is the native term katajjaq that is the most often used. However, it applies only to Arctic Quebec and to the south of Baffin Land. Netsilik, Igloolik, and Caribou Inuit vocal games do not necessarily feature the throat sounds typical of katajjaq which are so striking, and they often refer to a narrative text absent from katajjaq. Thus, it appears simpler to adopt a more neutral and less specific term such as vocal game. In native terminology, these games belong to the larger family of ulapqusiit (traditional games) and are designated more precisely as nipaquhiit, that is 'games done with sounds or with noises' (nipi). [read more] Thanks to Different Waters for giving us this (mu-dl)

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