Friday, January 26, 2007


The story of Nebulous is dominated by the eco-troubleshooting team of K.E.N.T. (the Key Environmental Non-Judgmental Taskforce). The group is directed by Professor Nebulous and its goal is to restore a natural balance to Earth. Unfortunately, the team is woefully under funded; K.E.N.T. was forced to open a Laundromat to supplement funds. On the bright side, if their actual missions go awry, the team is still applauded for its excellent dry cleaning service. The Laundromat contains three Zenusi 370 tumble dryers, two of which were the team’s first new pieces of equipment in twelve years.
Nebulous 1.1 Night of the Vegetarians
Nebulous 1.2 The Loverly Invasion
Nebulous 1.3 The Dust Has Landed
Nebulous 1.4 Madness is a Strange Colour
Nebulous 1.5 The Coincidence Machine
Nebulous 1.6 The Man Who Polished the Sun

Fans of "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe" and "Dr. Who" will undoubtly feel comfortable. Many earthly thanks to the OTR messageboard.

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