Thursday, May 10, 2007

New corporate signature unites Norway's worst polluters

Statoil and Hydro have approved the corporate signature for YoOldShitrat. The signature will be adopted as soon as the planned merger has been completed and will be used until a new name and logo are available.
"We have emphasised that the corporate signature should identify the company in a good and overall manner, unifying all employees of YoOldShitrat once the merger is implemented," says Reidar Gjærum, who will be head of communication in the merged company.
The visual identity can be easily harmonised with today's material from both Statoil and Hydro. The new colours will funct
ion well with existing profiles in both companies.
YoOldShitrat's corporate signature will be adopted once the new company has been established.

Norsk Hydro's former logo resembles the sails of a viking ship. Appropriate for a company that plunders the earth and wouldn't give a toss about health hazards or environmental issues. See this story from Iceland.

It was strictly in the interest of science whereby the US Geological Service teamed up with the British oil giant BP and Statoil, a huge Norwegian oil conglomerate, to do a survey on global warming, especially in the Arctic. Since they believe they might find some oil under the ice, they decided, apparently as an afterthought, that as long as they were there anywhere, they might as well look for a little oil while they were at it. (If you believe that, I have a lovely bridge just waiting for you to buy.) See this Guardian story.

The Norwegian Oil Fund, will reach 2 trillion (2 000 000 000 000) Norwegian Kroner by the end of 2007. (Norwegian uses the term "Billion" for the English equivalent of "trillion") or in plain numbers $333.600.213.504,- Five years ago the author Edward O. Wilson made a bold proposition in his book ”The Future of Life”. «Why not use 300 billion kroner to buy the rest of the endangered rain forests and coral reefs?» Why not indeed! The Norwegian Oil Fund has almost quadrupled in value since 2002... I realise it is a weighty consideration, either saving the world - or making sure that Norwegians have a vast supply of oxygen in tanks for their autumn years. Vikings all right!

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