Monday, May 14, 2007

Hillbilly Hellcats

So what is so interesting about this release from this band that you probably never heard of? Hillbilly Hellcats sound alot like Reverend Horton Heat before they got boring and repetitive - that is to say, when they were still recording for sub:pop (yup, that grunge label). The tightness of early Reverend Horton Heat had much to do with their then drummer Taz Bentley, who's drum works really made a difference.
I'm not saying RHH's present drummer Scot Churilla is a lesser drummer, on the contrary - he is excellent too!
Taz Bentley and his signature ostinatos + tam-rolls are very present indeed on «Rev It Up With Taz». It is also a very funny and fot-tappin' record. So for a prelisten only (!) go to The Twilight Zone and pick up a copy. Buy it here!

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