Friday, May 11, 2007

Little Marcy

There has never been a recording artist quite like Marcy Tigner
. Equal parts gospel singer, children's entertainer, amateur ventriloquist, and cottage industry, during the 1960s and 1970s Tigner released some 40-odd LPs, books, toys, and souvenirs showcasing the devoutly Christian messages she transmitted via her impossibly high, childlike singing voice and her impossibly freaky ventriloquist dummy Little Marcy. Though largely inactive from the 1980s onward, she retained a large fan following, although in latter years her core audience counted far fewer Sunday school students than collectors of so-called "incredibly strange music."

If you haven't by now heard this strange woman doing her act, well then - it is about time you did something about that. Thanks to The Groove Grotto, you can get these recording:
Sing With Marcy (GigaSize)
Sing With Marcy (Rapidshare)
Sing-Along with Marcy (GigaSize)
Sing-Along with Marcy (Rapidshare)
Sing with Little Marcy at Home (GigaSize)
Sing with Little Marcy at Home (Rapidshare)
Marcy Sings Hymns (GigaSize)
Marcy Sings Hymns (Rapidshare)
Christmas With Litle Marcy (Boxnet)

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