Friday, February 09, 2007


Alot of people seemingly HATE William Shatner. Why? I haven't got a clue... He has a book titled "Get a Life", and his new CD is called "Has been" he is at least blessed with irony. Now, the cd, produced by Ben Folds - is not bad at all! It is surely lightyears from Steven Segals attemts to produce Buddhist Blues or whatever... Shatner's earlier vinyl releases, solo and with Spock are hilarious, and can easily be found on the net.
Here's a link to a guy that really hates Shatner, all just because he didn't get his book signed in a pleasing manner, then he made this hate-page. He got his book signed - Get a life (sic) - but failed to act on the instruction conveyed in the title. (double sic)
Thanks to Stay Free (blog) - you can get Has Been Here. Original post here.

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