Friday, February 09, 2007

daba daba daba dum dum dum

A very cool group that's as groovy as their name! The Jumping Jacques were a 60s French vocal group who took elements of other French groups -- like The Swingle Singers or Les Double Six -- and worked in a mode that was very mod, and very 60s! The tunes on the set sparkle with inventive vocal pyrotechnics -- dipping bass parts, floating soprano lines, skipping scatting tenor and alto bits -- all coming together in a lovely blend of male and female vocals, dancing lightly with all the charm of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66. Most tracks are non-verbal -- in that the vocals are working in more of a scatting instrumental mode, jazzily grooving on a set of original tunes by leader Jacques Hendrix. Very cool, and very much in the mode of mid 60s Michel Legrand soundtracks, The Gimmicks, and other bits of European grooviness!
Thanks to the ever excellent Martian Shaker - you can get it here. Original post and tracklist here. Btw, you might want to check out Weirdomusic if you're into this...

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