Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fast Show - Rowley Birkin qc

Sozzled, rambling old barrister, Rowley Birkin QC, sits in his chair and spins yarns of foreign adventures, mysterious women and exotic beasts, attended only by his equally ancient butler.

Rowley Birkin During his nonsensical mutterings you can make out the occasional phrase - 'took it off below the knee'... 'a rather striking mustache'... 'SNAKE, SNAKE!'... 'Her husband had been entombed in ice. Like this.'... and of course, 'I'm afraid that I was very, very drunk'.

Rowley was based on a man, named Andrew Rollo, who Paul Whitehouse met on a fishing trip to Iceland.
Memorable drunken moments (YouTube):
RB drunk 1 - RB drunk 2 - RB drunk 3 - RB drunk 4 - RB drunk 5 -

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