Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fast Show - Chanel 9

Buono estente.

Chanel 9 is a combination of every bit of dodgy Mediterranean telly you've ever accidentally seen on holiday.

Presented by the amazing brown-clad, sometimes mustachioed Paul Whitehouse and Paul Shearer, Chanel 9 shows news, sport, weather and the occasional rock opera.

Chanel 9Sport is presented by Simon Day at a very low desk, whilst Caroline Aherne's weather girl, Paula Fisch, is constantly surprised that the forecast is 'scorchio'. Wherever possible, semi-naked women are wheeled on, and the programme is frequently interrupted for adverts for gizmos of all kinds.

The presenters of Chanel 9 speak a bizarre mix of a large number of languages, with regular reference to the unfortunate Chris Waddle. Highlights have included a Christmas disco rock opera called Sprog and a special version of the Singing Ringing Tree.

Boutros Boutros Ghali.

Momentikilados Especiale se se (YouTube): Chanel 9 Neus - Mundo Tedios - Loto! Loto! - Macho Fantastico -

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