Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fast Show - Bob Fleming

Genial host of Country Matters, Bob Fleming is a man with a cough. Like a trouper he doesn't let it stop him filming, but it does render most of what he says unintelligible.

He isn't really aware that his constant hacking is a problem, even though it generally stops him finishing any items he's presenting. When finally offered some cough medicine he asks, 'Has it been that noticeable?'

Bob has a selection of similarly afflicted old friends, the sneezing Clive Tucker, hiccupping Murtagh Blethyn and, of course, Jed Thomas, the man who can't stop saying 'ARSE!' We first meet Jed when he joins Bob on Country Matters to talk about the taxidermist's art, but it is on Bob Fleming's Country Favourites that he really comes into his own.

Noticeable moments (YouTube): Country Matters (ARSE!)
Bob Fleming badger 1 - Bob Fleming badger 2 - Bob Fleming badger 3 -

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