Sunday, August 13, 2006

Arnie "Skiffle Joe" Norse - Greatest hits

80-year young Arnie is a cult phenomenon in Oslo. Since the 50s, he has been a singer/songwriter and recorded heaps of vinyl. Arnie is a devotee of the slightly "risque", and has numerous appearances on infamous cassette-tape series "Frekkis". Due to a self inflicted injury in Thailand 5 years ago, where he fell off his "one-legged-horse" he no longer brings the monobike into his acts. Norse is a stayer, and so is his accompanying band consisting of blind man Torvinn on endless keyboard-solos and Arnie's wife Nipaporn on tambourine. Off-beat specialist drummer Tino has seized to be (in the band at least).

Arnie can be seen every Friday and Saturday at Tranen in Oslo.

His Greatest Hits album is no longer on rapidshare

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