Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No more Loompanics...

(and it's already been a year...)
Anyone who's had the fortune of receiving the Loompanics catalog in the mail - share a common secret; the knowledge of the existence of unbelievable literature. I'm talking about that ol' non-fiction, DIY, paranormal, geeky, conspiracy, secret agent, spy-tech, mind altering, electronic, fraud, hacking, military, alternative -biology -lifeforms, home-made weapons of mass destruction and how to kill anybody with just about anything, thing... Most of which - highly illegal! But essential literature for any journalist, una-bomber, author, prankster, anarchist, housewife, lone gunman eh well remember the three nerds who assisted Mulder & Scully, and made a conspiracy weekly called "The Lone Gunmen", well those kinda guys... They're all into books such as The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving, Methods of Disguise, Making Crime Pay, Rancho Costa Nada: The Dirt Cheap Desert Homestead, If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive…, How to Start Your Own Country, Did Jesus Exist?, Practical LSD Manufacture, Combat Knife Throwing, The $51 Fantasy, etc., etc.

Fear not, there will still be sources for unbelievable literature. R.I.P Lo0mpanics.

AK Press is a worker run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles. All decision-making, including which titles we distribute and what we publish, is made collectively. Our goal is to make available radical
books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world.

For more than 20 years Delta Press, Ltd. has b
een the catalog to turn to for some of the most outrageous and hard to find books anywhere! Its constant goal is to give its readers, (collectors, gun enthusiast, law enforcement agencies, and many others) the best selection of unusual and hard to find books on a variety of informative subjects.

Family owned and operated since 197
3, Earthlight Books helped spawn Last Word Books in Olympia, Washington in 2002. We are an extended family of independent counter-culture booksellers bent on subverting dominant paradigms and increasing the burden of awareness through education and enlightenment. Together we collectively spent every dime to our names six times over in 2006 stocking up on Loompanics titles for you, our beloved radical readers. We offer a variety of book-related services, including special orders, rare book searches, appraisals, consignment sales for libraries and defunct publishers, etc. Search Earthlight's online inventory here. Search Last Word's online inventory here. Not all of our titles are available online so contact us at earthlightbooks@gmail.com or 1-866-630-4002 with any questions, requests, etc. We have cases upon cases of select Loompanics titles available for resale as well if any bookstores are interested.

Their unique publications offer practical solutions to many of today's most difficult prob
lems. Over 500 titles "help you help yourself" with immediate answers and ideas you can use for a better life. Books on privacy, new identity, business opportunities, free money, and foreign passports.

We offer the best variety in alternative publications. * Mariju
ana Books * Mushroom Books * Psychedelic Books * Underground Books * Drug Books * Health Books * Marijuana Video's * Marijuana DVD's * Marijuana Magazines * Psychedelic Magazines * Rare & Out-of-Print Books * Discounted Damaged Books. Many books that were carried by Loompanics.

Laissez Faire Books offers the world's
best selection of books and tapes on liberty. We carry hundreds of titles, and sell to individuals in over 90 countries. For more than 30 years we have published a monthly "snail-mail" bulletin, which now goes out to tens of thousands of people.

Founded by Jay Lehman in 1955 to serve the local Amish and
others without electricity, Lehman's ships old-fashioned, high-quality merchandise all over the world. Homesteaders, environmentalists, missionaries, doctors in developing nations, and others living in areas where there is no power or unreliable power can rely on Lehman's. Man-made disasters, such as the Great Blackout of 2003, as well as natural disasters like Hurricane Isabel are leading people to search for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Features publications on conspiracy theory, transformation, magic, psychology, and health. Offers the works of Crowley and Robert An
ton Wilson. Publisher of more than 100 books and tapes on metaphysics, sexuality, astrology, tarot, Golden Dawn, and New Age.

"Home of the Action Library -- Over 750 titles on personal and financial freedom, self-defense and martial arts, firearms and shooting, police and military science, plus much
more. Order a free catalog or browse the Paladin online.

Featuring the syndicated newspaper columns of Vin Suprynowicz, his monthly newsletter, on privacy, liberty, freedom, gun rights, education in America, buying coins and gold, and much more.The Libertarian, Privacy Alert, his books, the Mountain Media Bookstore of books

RONIN PRESS -- Books for Independent Minds
Ronin Publishing is a small press in Berkeley, California, publishing books as tools for personal development, visionary alternatives, and expanded consciousness. Serves the common weal by offering books on personal development, visions, psychedelia and drug laws.

Serving your needs for over 25 years. Established in 19
76, located in Western Oregon, we have remained committed to your personal privacy. Supplier of lock picking books, videos, and tools; guns; publications; militaria; and much more. Provides tools for professional locksmiths. Includes a list of tools and videos for lock picking.

Books and videos from the most dangerous man in America. Since 1985, everybody's favorite Uncle has been writing the books which have defined the field of clandestine chemistry. Uncle Fester says, "My books have been described as the pinnacle of 20th century underground writing, and through them I have transformed this genre."

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