Sunday, March 18, 2007

Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit

FM Einheit is a member of the prestigious German band Einstürzende Neubauten, and his joint collaborations with playwriter Andreas Ammer has resulted in radio-plays, and soundscapes with various texts/lyrics with everything from Roald Amundsen's voyages to the last desperate cries from pilots in airplanes about to crash - accompanied with ambient and techno sounds. My first contact with these two artists was through the production "Deutsche Krieger" [German Warriors]. A CD cover with photos of Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm and Ulrike Meinhof - well, I just HAD to buy it. Miss Meinhof's voice over 70s disco-beats, does it get any better? The last remaining member of the R.A.F (Rote Armee Fraktion - Baader Meinhof) still in prison (Brigitte Mohnhaupt) will be released the 27th of March this year. You can listen to a NPR radio program about R.A.F here (link). But I digress...

Thanks to the ever excellent Kill Ugly Radio, you can get Deutsche Krieger here. Original post here. More info here.

As my previous post surely made clear, Ubuweb has it all... It has some of the other fascinating Ammer/Einheit CD's.

From Ubuweb I would like to recommend Crashing Aeroplanes - the 1 hour radio play in German (but it has plenty with English as well) with loads of nifty sampling, and eerie "last words" from pilots.
It received several prizes, not at least for being a bold attempt to make entertainment out of the most sinister theme you can find; real audio - real death... Might be sickening to many people, it was at least to me!

Full mp3 here (53.37)

Go here to see the available Ammer/Einheit productions on ubuweb. If I dare to say, "Radio Inferno" is great. It was their first cooperation (1993) and is a "pop" version of Dante's Inferno. It features even the late John Peel as "The Radio".

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