Thursday, April 10, 2008

Together in marriage (contra gay marriage campaign)

I can't help myself, I just love it when christian-conservatives try to convey their viewpoints - and the way they use images and copy in an effort to emulate traditional lifestyle advertising.
These 15 posters are made by this organistation who take upon themself to judge on behalf of Church, State and all deities who is worthy of wedlock.
Together In Marriage [holy matrimony, I guess]
Marriage = man + woman
Boys need a dad!
Yes to gender quota in marriage.
Children have a right to a mother and a father
Can dad just be substituted by a second mom?
I need my daddy!
Children have a right to know their parents, and be supported by them. -UN's childrens convention.
Gender-neutral marriages collide with ALL major religions!
Girls need a daddy!
Is it the governments responability to take the father away from the children?
Is daddy redundant? - A no to assisted pregnancy for 2 mothers!
We demand: -A public survey. -Government proposal. -Consequence analysis.
ALL is missing!
Biology, kids and the Bible, they all have the same answer!
Yes to marriage!
(please correct my English, no time to check)


Geira said...

Men de glemte visst "Kuk og fitte skal sammen sitte".


He he - når kristenfolket skal toge gjennom gatene til helga, så hadde det vært flott å vært ikledd messehagl og gått i spissen under nettopp den parolen - er det ikke det de mener det skal handle om; jo nettopp - hø hø