Saturday, February 16, 2008

Radio, the Most Visual Medium

Saturday Night Fry (Wiki).

A shortlived but influential 1988 series of surreal sketches and round-table discussion hosted by Stephen Fry and featuring Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent and Emma Thompson.

Each show is constructed as cleverly as the best Flying Circus, with characters and sketches ducking and diving throughout. A good example being in Show 3 when the supporting artistes, Laurie, Broadbent and Julia Hills, are left alone for a few minutes while Fry 'visits the little boy's room' (that's what comes from having too many cups of tea during rehearsals' ). In his absence the actors start behaving like a classroom of naughty tricksters and mix up the script pages for a laff. This ploy results in Fry firstly announcing the end of the show, then re-introducing a sketch they've already done (not to mention paying another visit to the little boy's room, suggesting that even Fry's bladder is part of the script). The cruel stunt is eventually exposed as Hills accidentally re-reads the part of the script in which they planned the trick. Stephen gives her a smack by way of punishment, but by then the damage is done and the rest of the show suffers from continual mix-ups (and Hills receives several more smacks). Very cleverly written, not to mention a bit of post-modernism for a reason. To be funny, mainly.

Episode 1 (MP3 29:17 6.70mb)
Episode 2 (MP3 29:27 6.74mb)
Episode 3 (MP3 29:07 6.66mb)
Episode 4 (MP3 28:47 6.58mb)
Episode 5 (MP3 29:50 6.83mb)
Episode 6 (MP3 29:56 6.85mb)

And if you haven't suffered a cardiac arrest from the above mp3's, here is a link to EVEN MORE, that will definately do you in. House?!

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