Monday, February 18, 2008

Interval Signals Online

You are a well known composer. One day you get THE call from the authorities...

-Dear well know composer. We want you to compose a piece of music. We'll play it several times a day. We'll broadcast it around the world for all peoples to enjoy. Day and night!

-By golly YES, I'll do it!

-Fine! These are the conditions: It should not be longer than 20 seconds, preferably 5 seconds. Limit your use of instruments radically, and make use of - let's say - a xylophone, or a monophonic synth! Try to incorporate the overall ambiance of our proud nation, the zeitgeist, national romanticism, the ditty of the fatherland, the humming of the motherland, the marching proudness, the quiet pluck of a small stream, the thundering majestics of our mountains... ehhhrr- you get the point?

- 5 seconds?!

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