Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Norwegians want more airshows

After the paint job incident on the 24th, Norwegians cry out for more airshows.
"We want more", says spokesperson Bjarne Gulliksen, director of the Vintage Aircraft Club. "We seldom see such bold attempts to get large heaps of junk airborne" [...] "The Bear had it's maiden voyage in 1952, and the Russian Air force is keeping it operative until 2040" [...] "The Bear is now regarded as a greater threat than earlier, caused by fatigue of the engines and fuselage." [...] "You could probably assemble your own Bear, from all the parts that are scattered along the Norwegian coastline", says Gulliksen. Norwegian authorities welcome this strange display of air dominance, as Norwegians on the whole are great enthusiasts of historic relics. "We are lucky", says Gulliksen, and continues; "but we feel somewhat ridiculed, by the fact that our air defence is not given a more up to date challenge..." [...] "I mean, why do they show us dentures when they ought to display fangs... "

The paintjob story is well documented by now, but some forums are still discussing its validity;
Sukoy RU (Russia) - The Simple Machine Forum (Poland) - The Flying Squadron (USA) - The Aces High Forum (UK?) -

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