Friday, January 18, 2008

Friendly Persuation with Otis Fodder

When it comes to "The Cool" and "The Strange" Otis Fodder is a connoisseur extraordinaire. Having extensive knowledge of vast numbers of genres and the ability to mix'em'up to aural delights makes him somewhat of a genius! As a contributor to the now out-of-print "Cool & Strange Music Magazine" he proved time again his insight in numerous reviews of the musical fringe. The projects he's been involved in are too many to go into detail here, visit his website.

Listen to 30 episodes of the (now dead) Friendly Persuasion Radio show that appeared on Luxuria Music in 2005. All shows are one hour long, no talk, just the mix.

Otis Fodder produced 29 in the year and one (on August 2) was produced by the very talented Fortyone. Special guest IDs and theme songs were contributed by Bentley the Butler, Eddie
The Rat
, Flavia & The Motonets, Fortyone, Jima, Jean Jacques Perrey, The Lounge King, Naomi Hall, Mildred Pitt, R. Stevie Moore and Christy Shivers and The Sunsets.
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Here they are. 192k Encode. Playlists can be found here.

Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-01.mp3 84.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-08.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-15.mp3 83.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-02-22.mp3 82.4M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-01.mp3 82.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-08.mp3 81.7M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-15.mp3 84.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-03-22.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-05.mp3 82.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-12.mp3 86.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-19.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-04-26.mp3 81.5M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-03.mp3 84.7M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-10.mp3 82.5M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-17.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-24.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-05-31.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-07.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-14.mp3 82.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-21.mp3 83.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-06-28.mp3 82.9M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-05.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-12.mp3 83.1M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-07-19.mp3 83.0M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-02.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-16.mp3 83.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-23.mp3 82.3M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-08-30.mp3 83.2M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-09-06.mp3 82.6M
Friendly_Persuasion_Radio_2005-09-13.mp3 83.7M

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