Monday, July 30, 2007

Neil's Heavy Concept Album

Wikipedia: Nigel was one of the 4 members of the 1980s spoof rock band, Bad News, playing Den Dennis. As Neil from The Young Ones, Nigel gained a number two hit single in 1984 in the form of "Hole in My Shoe", (originally a hit for sixties band Traffic). A cover of Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle" was a less successful follow up, only reaching number seventeen in the charts. After that, an album was produced, entitled "Neil's Heavy Concept Album." Nigel also took Neil's stage act on the road in that year as Neil in the "Bad Karma in The UK" tour. This culminated in a month long run at St. Mary's Hall at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Young Ones also appeared on Cliff Richard's 1986 charity rerecording of 'Living Doll', which spent three weeks at number one in the UK. Thanks to Endless Mike.
Neil's Heavy Concept Album
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far out man!! have not played this since the 80's, will dig out my copy. i seem to remember Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man was ace!!

thanks for the happy memories!!