Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jesus was way cool

What the hell was that? I remember the first time I heard King Missile. I had to buy a CD by them - like immediately... I guess "Jesus Was Way Cool" got me hooked. Their quirky lyrics and music is something else. Take "Gary and Melissa"; another favourite, that in some way is about explicit sexual behaviour, and on the other hand not, or... what is it about. What the hell was that? - like "Cheesecake Truck" a story that is as weird as it is plain daft, but still immensely intriguing.
Thanks to THE COMMERCIAL ZONE (download link) you can listen to Mystical Shit (indeed), and Fluting On The Hump from 1987. Read more on John S. Hall, the founder of King Missile. Please consider buying this CD as well - it is a classic!

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