Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Internal organs served while external organ is played

Tabani Kakas is a "must experience" place to visit if you're ever in Budapest. (Attila ut, 27, Budapest 1013 Hungary) Dishes on the menu include Hungarian chicken stew, sholet beans with smoked ribs and goose liver Hungarian style at fairly moderate prices. Guests are also entertained by soft organ music, and vocal extravaganca from the elderly lady after 6 pm. To give you an example of the music try these downloads (rapidshare) "Old Lady Playing Badly, Volume 1" and "Old Lady Playing Bad, Volume 5" (Taken from the wonderful blog of X-Y-Z Cosmonaut (link)

But, really the best restaurant in Budapest is by no doubt Náncsi Néni Vendéglője [Aunt Nancy] -
it is a 10 min ride up from the riverside (buda) - where you can frolic in the nice gardens. It is also popular among the locals. A place to take whole parties. Good service. Good food. AND check out their nice homepage (link) Address: Address: Ördögárok u. 80, Budapest, II. district, take a taxi to get there. Tel: (+36 1) 397 2742 - If you leave Budapest without visiting Náncsi Néni you have made a fool of yourself.

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