Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hertzlichen Glükwunsch

Helge Schneider, the German version of M.A. Numminen. His comic techniques include parody, use of the local Ruhr area dialect, surprising use of infantile language and other unexpected changes in style, slapstick/physical humour, Dada like absurdities, sudden and unexpected use of crude/sexual humour, references to national and international highbrow and lowbrow culture, and phonetic and declamatory playfulness and exaggeration. Most of his material is heavily language dependent and therefore does not translate well into other languages.
The excellent blog; Rakete Rinnzekete, provides the album in the corner. The blog also features other great German stuff, such as Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit, Spliff etc... Well worth a visit

And If you're a fan of 30's and 40's UFA hits you will not be disappointed after a visit to Not Rock On - 4 CD with som classic Berlinerschlägers

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Jörg said...

Thanks for the link, but it should be Schlager insted of Schläger which would be "racket".
Interesting to know that Helge is known in Norway!