Thursday, July 06, 2006

Raymond Scott

«Raymond Scott was a very creative guy, but an absolute madman! When I first worked for him in the 1950s, he had built a sequencer with relays, motors, steppers and electronic circuits. I had-never-seen-anything-like it.»
MOOG Synthesizer inventor

The following two albums for download are for prelisten. I recommend that you take a look at and possibly buy something from BASTA-records who issued the «Manhattan Research Inc» It is a remarkable 2cd-set, and contains a nice large booklet - all compiled by mr. Irwin Chusid, author of "songs in the key of z" and a dj at WFMU... So, enjoy these two releases and catch a glimpse into the world of the first loops made without the use of magnetic tape. The «powerhouse» release is all radio sessions made between 1935-39, and is nothing like what Scott later became famous for - electronic music...

The Raymond Scott Project Vol.1—Powerhouse (link)

Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research Inc (link)

«It was the size of a football field! More than half a dozen big rooms, impeccably set-up. The floors were painted like a high class industrial laboratory. He had a whole room of metal-working equipment, a room full of wood-working equipment, and this huge barn of a room for electronics.»

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