Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why must they make music?

Nickelback, Coldplay and Sum41. These bands produce the most eclectic, avant garde, subversive, angry, profound, honest, heartfelt and serene music on the planet. They have to... Because of their popularity - it MUST have something to do with SOME quality measures. Not because they are signed to record labels who play it safe. Not because market analysts tell them what cords to play or what opinions to have. Sponsorships, royalties, merchandising, hit-lists - well, it is all great stuff! Listen to 2 songs by Nickelback split up into each stereo channel (mp3). It takes skills to play two different songs THAT alike - real craftmanship! Or listen to this splice made up by a Coldplay and Sum41(mp3). These guys are on the path to something great; each other!

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