Sunday, June 25, 2006

Girls In The Garage

From another excellent blog:
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

This very special volume of Girls In The Garage consists of some gems found in various junk and flea markets in Singapore. There must have been a big market in the '60s for cover bands. We suspect that these groups would have toured or had residencies in the big hotels of South-East Asia and had local hits of easternized versions of western songs. This package consists of some interesting, fun and hilarious lyrical content (incorrect gender references, a mix of English and Asian lyrics in the same song, bad translations) and some wild sounds (strange production, vocals that sound like they were processed through a wah-wah pedal). The cover art consists of full-color reproductions of the original, colorful and very interesting record sleeves! We guarantee that any fan of '60s music will be thoroughly entertained!

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