Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bent , batty & 'bnoxious! - 1988 Torture Records

A great out-of-print 80’s compilation called Bent, batty and 'bnoxious! (zip no pw) This is one of the best compilations of psych/weird/rock/novelty you will find this year. Gems such as "Hippy In A Blunder" by Johnny Buckett, "My boyfriend's learning karate" by charlie & chan, and the really weird "Daddy frog" by Big daddy & the little sisters. It also has some strange movie trailers - somebody at Torture records really put their heart into this comp!

01. trailer
02. baby huey & the babby sitters-monkey man
03. sal masi's untouchables-pat's steaks
04. johnny & the baa-baas-i can't sleep
05. trailer
06. kwentin qwisp-the way out mummy
07. alfred a. alfa-your cheating heart
08. lalo guerrero-pancho rock
09. trailer
10. charlie & chan-my boyfriend's learning karate
11. rumblers-bugged
12. trailer
13. phil campos-rebel rider
14. trailer
15. bob ridgely-she was a mau mau
16. don miller-missile monkey
17. stick evans-you are my sunshine
18. gunga din-crabcakes
19. marty neon-voila, pronounced "wa-la"
20. big daddy & the little sisters-daddy frog
21. trailer
22. stu mitchell-acid
23-johnny buckett-hippy in a blender

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