Monday, April 02, 2007

The In Sound From Way Out!

Some records stand out as milestones in recording history. As with Tomita's "Snowflakes are Dancing (se other post)", this '66 release by Perrey & Kingsley is equally interesting - well, hopefully not only to synth geeks. "The In Sound From Way Out!" has that liberating playfulness, virtuoso inventiveness combined with groundbreaking electronic know-how. And French... Probably, this "Frenchness" contributed alot to the overall "sound" on the recording. I'm sure that most enthusiasts of early Moog already have bought the triple CD-release...TISFWO is a taste of what was about to shape numerous of recordings of happy go lucky moog renditions across the globe. Btw, Swans Splashdown; a track from the CD, was heavily sampled on the song "Walking on the Sun" by the band Smash Mouth. A couple of years ago, former editor of the now non-circulating magazine "Cool & Strange Music Magazine" Dana Countryman, collaborated with Jean Jacques Perrey on a a new CD! Gershon Kingsley, the "other guy" on TISFWO, was the composer of the song "Popcorn". A massive hit in the early 70s, by the band Hot Butter. As Kingsley put it himself, "It got my kids through college". Go to WFMU for an amazing 79 versions of that tune!

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