Friday, October 27, 2006

The Frivolous Five - Sour Cream & Other Delights

First we'll get the obvious out of the way. The cover art and album concept is a parody of everyone's favorite brass polisher, Herb Alpert and his Band O' Brass. Although only a few of the cuts here are taken from the Alpert album, the selection of material is planted firmly into the same vein. I can't vouch that the ladies of the cover are actually playing the instrument herein, but the music is humorous in any case. It takes talent to play that bad intentionally. Deft hands, mouths and brain combine to dangerously weave from chaos to an almost coherent structure before disintegrating into another round of follow the leader with no one in particular singled out as the aforementioned leader. Another one to file under W for Weird and Wonderful. Check Out The Cool Wax (link to original post)

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Anonymous said...

Takker! Fantastisk album. Fantastisk blog.