Sunday, September 10, 2006


Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings; Zappa's testimony before the Maryland State Legislature Feb. 14. 1986. Here (YouTube)
During Tipper Gore's crackdown on dirty rock lyrics, Zappa found himself thrust into the role of first amendment spokes-musician, and he handled it expertly, confounding people like Novak with his direct, articulate approach to free speech and government censorship. But Zappa's ire is directed not at Novak, but at John Lofton, (at the time) a columnist for Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times.
Lofton is practically frothing at the mouth, at one point even ridiculing Zappa's stated interest in getting young people to register to vote, and Zappa quips that he actually likes Novak more than Lofton. Frank Zappa on CNN Crossfire 1986. Here (YouTube) Here (mov download 50mb)

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